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Day of The Lords
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Originally Posted by andrewdawson
Yes I saw them live first at the Leeds Futurama Festival in September 79 on the same bill as PIL. In November 79 on the Buzzcocks tour at the West Runton pavilion in Norfolk. Went backstage and talked and got autographs on a bit of paper that I have to this day. Finally at the Lyceum in 1980. Then tons of New Order gigs since then. Did you see them?

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Andrew Dawson?  [wink] [biggrin]

Day of The Lords
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Andrew Dawson:  thanks for sharing, I've logged your entry in the list.

One pattern that's emerging is that certain sequences were allocated to different record shops, or tend to appear in different localities, like 07xx being from America...

0002|0005|0006|0011 - from the band
0039 - Mail order, from Sordide Sentimental
0155 - hand delivered by J.P. Turmel to local french store
0184 - Rough Trade, London 
0334 - Mail order, from Sordide Sentimental
0336 - Plastic Factory, Oasis, Birmingham
0370|0381|0386 -  Small Wonder Records, Walthamstow, London
0456|0467|0487 - from France
0501|0528|0562 - Small Wonder Records, Walthamstow, London
0579|0582|0642 - Rough Trade, London
0756|0776|0777|0784 - from the US
0912 - Wax Trax Records, Chicago
1156 - Mail order, from Sordide Sentimental
1166 - Rough Trade, London
1216 - Record shop on Oldham St. Manchester
1220 - Selectadisc, Market St. Nottingham
1265 - from France
1317 - gift from work associated of J.P. Turmel
1394|1478 - Rough Trade, Notting Hill London


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In a Lonely Place
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#580 is currently being offered on ebay US,a bit tatty though without paper inserts,starting price is

"has amnesia ever helped?"-"yes,when the past became a burden...too much to bare!"
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