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Exercise One
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37 years. Well, I'm glad this is going up on the actual date this year - last year, I was a day late! 

RIP, Ian Curtis.

All I have to say this year is this: Ian, wherever you are, I hope you are happy. I think I can speak for all of us on this forum that we love Joy Division and hope that the love we share as an online community of fans never be torn apart. 

PS, please let me know if the above is too deep for anyone's liking, and I'll try to alter it, if need be. Unfortunately, I haven't come up with lyrics [or an attempt at a poem] about it this time, but then there's also so much you can say without repeating yourself. 

E. J. O.

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In a Lonely Place
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Ian you are missed.

The revolution is just a t shirt away

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Walked In Line
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RIP Ian. Forever missed. Hard to believe that radio all dayer on the 25th anniversary 
was 12 years ago! Wow.

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