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Inside the line
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I found this here online a couple months back, and wondered has anyone else seen this?

Sadly, i can not find out if this is the original source for the photo and is copyrighted or if it is originating online somewhere else or scanned from a book. 

I believe this is the setlist from the infamous 1979-03-14 - Bowdon Vale gig. The song order matches up perfectly.
  • Exercise One is listed which proves that the first song of the SBD is in fact 100% from this gig
  • "New One" Is "Disorder". (This might prove that the infamous Band On The Wall tape cannot be from late 78 since Disorder would be considered a new song at 1979-03-14 because of this.)
  • And “Synthesiser One” (spelled wrong) is “I Remember Nothing”. 
  • “No Love Lost” was played as an encore that day, and it is possible that they just decided to play it at the end of the gig unplanned (like how Digitial wasn't written on the 1980-05-02 written setlist).
Would like to hear what you all would say about this.

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From Safety To Where
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I have a vague memory of this setlist being discussed here before - and I seem to recall the word 'fake' getting thrown around. Certainly looks like Ian's hand if a little too neat for comfort....anybody else remember this one?
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As You Said
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Wasn't this seen in the Macclesfield exhibition? The one supposedly credited to Erics and written by Rob Gretton.
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