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Inside the line
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This is my first time here and my first post and I was wondering if I could get some thoughts on a project I've been working on for a while.

I've been trying to create a complete set of everything Joy Division recorded (with the exception of rehearsals) and I put the tracklist together like the Heart and Soul boxset, but with the singles and outtakes after Unknown Pleasures and Closer. the set has every single demo and studio stuff, including the ones left out. I also added the best live versions of tracks to create an ultimate jd gig of sorts as an alternative to the live stuff on heart and soul. here it is:

Disc 1: Unknown Pleasures + singles/outtakes
Unknown Pleasures album
a factory sample
earcom 2
Exercise One, The Only Mistake, Walked in Line and The kill
transmission single
Disc 2: Closer + singles/outtakes
closer album
atmosphere/dead souls
she's lost control 12" version
ice age
lwtua single w/ these days and lwtua b-side version
fac 28 flexi disc
Disc 3 and 4: Demos/sessions
warsaw demos
at a later date (short circuit ep)
an ideal for living ep
rca sessions
peel sessions
genetic demos
piccadilly radio sessions
1st transmission session
something else performance
lwtua session (sound of music)
Disc 5 and 6: Best live versions
Dead souls (ajanta)
wilderness (factory)
passover (ajanta)
insight (factory)
colony (moonlight club)
these days (winter gardens)
means to an end (high hall)
24 hours (high hall)
the eternal (lyceum)
heart and soul (lyceum)
isolation (lyceum)
lwtua (lyceum)
disorder (effenaar)
she's lost control (lyceum)
shadowplay (les bains)
transmission (les bains)
no love lost (civic hall)
glass (university of london)
novelty (factory)
leaders of men (nashville)
ice age (effenaar)
warsaw (effenaar)
ceremony (high hall)
new dawn fades (effenaar)
day of the lords (effenaar)
atrocity exhibition (les bains)
atmosphere (malvern)
decades (high hall)
interzone (factory)
digital (high hall)

"remains" ep - stuff left out
walked in line and something must break (undubbed)
she's lost control 12" extended
ceremony and in a lonely place rehersal

If anyone has any suggestions or improvements, I'd really appreciate it. sorry if it's too long.

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Seems a bit odd that there's no live stuff from The Paradiso there.  Obviously it's all dependent on taste, but surely at least "Day of the Lords" from that gig should be included.

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"Best live versions" - there's a thread somewhere about that; I've posted my picks in it but the more I listen to more and more, the more I change my mind lol. You're a brave person to commit yours to a boxed set like that :-)

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I suppose you could argue that, if "Something Else" counts as a TV session, then so does "Shadowplay" from "Granada Reports", and "She's Lost Control" from "What's On" (if you can find a *complete* broadcast quality audio recording of it - I'm sure someone must have one, as the video used to be for sale from several years ago).
Also, again using the logic that "Something Must Break" is included twice, first as the original recording from Transmission Session, and then again as per "Still" (which is essentially the same basic recording with some overdubs and production tweaking), then on that basis, I would also include the Hannett test mix of "Autosuggestion", as although it's the same basic studio recording, the mix is different enough to be interesting, with Ian's vocals upfront and crystal clear in the mix.

If you want to have every last note of music recorded, then it could be argued that you should/could include:
LWTUA - the "live take" of the promo video (preferrably without the Britannia Row vocal overdub - IF a studio quality tape of this even exists), and
LWTUA - a flat mix taken from the multitrack, as this contains the entire recorded outro/lead-out without fading out (although some individual recording tracks are absent).
"Haystack" by Kevin Hewitt/Hewick? - really getting into nerd territory now: Is this JD or NO? Recorded June 1980, it's the first studio recording the surviving members made, way before they decided on their new name.


I Remember Nothing
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Each to their own but I think 'Heart and Soul' from the Lyceum is the worst version of that song in existence as Barney's playing the wrong bass notes on the synth all the way through!

Inside the line
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yeah, to be honest, i'm not sure about the live tracks. every time i listen to jd, i always have another version i like the best. it's so hard to pinpoint the "best" one. i feel like i might as well scrap it and replace it with the final jd concert at high hall that was released on still with the extra tracks tacked on at the end. what do you guys think?
also, i didn't know there was a test mix of Autosuggestion and what is Haystack? I only heard of the western works demo no did in september. wasn't that their first session?


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Atrocity Exhibition
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Originally Posted by asound14
also, i didn't know there was a test mix of Autosuggestion and what is Haystack? I only heard of the western works demo no did in september. wasn't that their first session?

First song New Order wrote without Ian. The singer was Kevin Hewick.

Born in Leicester, Hewick received his first guitar at the age of 6, but only learned to play in his teens while studying atCountesthorpe College.[1] He played in a band called Life before going solo, while working in a social security office following graduation from university.[1] In 1979, a demo tape sent to Factory Records impressed Tony Wilson sufficiently to offer Hewick the chance to record for the label.[1][2] Newly added to the Factory roster, Hewick had a recording session in June 1980 with producer Martin Hannett in Graveyard Studios, where he recorded two tracks ("Haystack", released on From Brussels with Love compilation in 1981, and "A Piece of Fate") with the three surviving members of Joy Division, a month after the death of Ian Curtis and just prior to their adopting the name New Order.[3]

Other Factory releases included the controversial live side of the A Factory Quartet double album (FACT 24) in 1981—live tracks chosen against Hewick's wishes by Wilson, that featured a confrontation between Hewick and a very aggressive audience—and the single "Ophelia's Drinking Song" (FAC 48), which featured producer Donald Johnson of A Certain Ratio on percussion and was mixed by Peter Hook of New Order.[4]

Hooky: “Oh god. When you get to our age, the hangovers are so massive, they last for about a week.”

As You Said
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Their first song was probably Dreams Never End, Haystack was a Kevin Hewick song.
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