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I've noticed someone on soulseek was briefly sharing a folder marked "the alternate still". Does anyone have any info on this at all? I'm thinking its one of two things, either -

1. The Italian mispress
2. The takes that turned up on H&S without the added post-production.


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Love Will Tear Us Apart
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more than likely the Italian mispress.

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The Eternal
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Personally Tom, I'd wholeheartedly recommend trying to track down the original Italian mispress of 'Still' .... its certainly one of the most interesting legitimate JD releases.
Cool labels, slightly different sleeve, different running order, studio version of 'Digital' - and Ian's singing pretty iffy on the Unknown Pleasures outakes to boot (ie. before they overdubbed a few guitars and slightly lowered the vocals in the mix !!!!)


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She’s Lost Control
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Pat, are you sure the "alternate" tracks are without post-production?

To me "Walked In Line" (for example) sounds more like the regular "post-produced" Still version than the version on H&S.

No Love Lost
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I would really appreciate any pointers in acquiring a copy of the Italian misprint of Still. As I mentioned in a thread on this site a while back, I tried on ebay on three occaisions but ended up with three surplus copies of the regular Still LP. They all have 'Base Records Via Castiglione' on them and were first pressings. I am at a loss at how to continue.

You can contact me on my email as well : Thanks.

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Hello from Germany,
a friend of mine did buy the Italian-Misspress in 1981. Besides the studio-version of Digital instead of Glass, I guess everything else is the same. I was so much into Joy Division then, and if some tracks would have been different, I guess I would have noticed it.


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Ger Potze has a description on his Joy Division web site

The Eternal
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I have just dug out both original copies of the Italian 'Still' that I have .... both of which feature the 'BASE RECORD Via Castiglione 109 Bologna' address ....but only one of which features the 'alternate' mix.

The only differentiator between the two are the matrix numbers stamped in the run-off grooves in each side.....

All four sides of the 'alternate' version feature the following matrix number :-
Capital letter M, then FACT 40 - followed by the numeral 1, 2, 3 or 4 - for each respective side.

The second issue, with the standard mix, misses out the 40 on each side it just says M FACT 1, M FACT 2, etc.

IndieArchivist - Thanks for your comment. A few years back when I obtained the 'alternate' mix I compared the mixes at the time ... and felt that there were subtle differences - namely that the vocals were slightly higher on the alternate mix, compared to a slightly murkier mix , with some additional guitars - although the same backing tracks have been used.

Marko - Thanks for the link you supplied. This is a good summation of the differences.
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