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Inside the line
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Hi All,

Quick question about the date of the infamous Band on the Wall recording that's been floating around for years.

The JoyDiv CONCERTS page concludes that the date of this recording is 13th March 1979.  Is this possible given that the set list bares absolutely no resemblance to the gig then next night at Bowden Vale Youth Club or the previous gig on March 4th in London.  Can anyone give me the evidence?




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The evidence lies in common sense. It couldn't have been Band on the Wall in October 1978, because then they would certainly have played at least Digital, Glass or both (and let's keep in mind that She's Lost Control was premiered not earlier than January 1979). It couldn't have been June 1979 because then they WOULD have played Transmission for sure. And not in July 1979 because then they WOULD have played Atrocity Exhibition (as well). 7 songs of the set appear on the debut album and 2 were also recorded during the album sessions (Walked in Line and The Only Mistake). The evidence therefore seems to be that they wanted to focus on material soon to be recorded in studio. The fact that the set list from the following gig bears 'absolutely no resemblance' (still including 6 songs from the upcoming album session) is not the point of discussion here. Bowdon Vale is March 14th 1979, period.
There were also very different setlists during their January 1980 gigs.

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JD were always good about mixing up their setlists, so there's not much point in pointing out the setlist differences. TJ is generally right about when songs started appearing in the setlists. "Atrocity Exhibition" and "Transmission" were regulars by the time they were debuted, though it's not unbelievable to think they wouldn't play "Transmission" at some shows, since they didn't.
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