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Take it this is a broadcast of the Grant gee Documentary :-

....there is nothing to say it is the Grant Gee doc - but running time looks the same (as do the details - band involvement, hypnosis tape etc).

I have noticed a trend lately - BBC putting out existing docs instead of newly created docs. The recent Kraftwerk doc was German and been around I think since 2013. 

It would be nice if the BBC could spend some of the license fee on new docs. Mind you I doubt they could better the Grant Gee doc and I suppose it is rare that Joy Division get this kind of exposure on a mainstream TV channel.


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If you look at the bottom of the page, it says "Director - Grant Gee"!!!

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OK a fair cop Phil - well spotted !


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(Only just seen this thread, so a little late in replying)

Even though I have a copy of the DVD, which I have watched several times, I still sat and watched the Grant Gee film from start to finish on TV.  

What was interesting for me was watching it and explaining to 2 young university students at the same time just how unique Joy Division were.  It was funny that they were both amazed at how even the fuzzy poor quality Plan K footage is of massive interest to all Joy Division fans and how there are no similar bands around today.

For me, the fact that one of them now listens to Unknown Pleasures in absolute reverance made it extremely rewarding.

Finally, I noticed the film is still up on BBC player:
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