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I'm out in the boonies of Oregon reading the local paper and the on this day feature and danged if it don't say rock musician Stephen Morris (New Order) turned 58. Best birthday wishes to one of the best drummers ever :-)

Now I gotta quit freeloading this wifi..... lol

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It's cool to see that Stephen seems to be doing a lot more interviews and press stuff recently, there are several interesting Youtube vids and other articles featuring him, up on the net recently. I never realised before that he had (and has) such a varied taste in music, or that there's a touch of the mad 'bohemian' in his personality, or at least there definitely was in his youth! I guess it's because in most photos of Joy Div, he's in a nice clean shirt & trousers, very presentable & tidy & shy-looking etc. You don't immediately picture him taking a cassette player into a field at night to listen to some Amon Duul while popping a few pills! (Although having said that, in the "Something Else" interview I reckon he might be getting a bit distracted by a pink goblin dancing on the ceiling, or something!)

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