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At a Later date
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Last weekend, I bought a copy of "A Factory Sample" from this same seller using buy it now option, for a really interesting price. A few hours after sending payment, I was contacted by the seller and she told me she had told her partner to set a higher price and he had set a lower one by mistake, so she couldn't sell me the record for the price I had paid - she added "she was open to offers".
Yes, I was quite angry and told her not only it was not right to do that, but she was violating Ebay policies as well. Then, to make things worse, I noticed the same record (with same exact item description and pictures) had been sold by another seller, a few months ago, so I asked her to give me a good explanation to that. 
She told me it had been sold by her brother, that passed away after the sale, and they couldn't find out who had bought it because the coroner had kept his phone [eek] so they didn't ship the records to the person that bought them, and decided to re-sell them again using the same info & pictures. 
Please notice that this same Unknown Pleasures record they are selling now had also been sold by her brother and never sent to the buyer!! You can check searching for completed items on Ebay:

Ok, so I told her to please cancel the purchase and refund the money I had paid for the records. To my surprise, she started ranting and giving me problems, and it took me many messages and a lot or arguing until she finally cancelled the sale. But I'm still waiting for the money to be refunded to my bank account (I paid with credit card), and I'm having a lot of problems. Of course I have reported this seller, but it's not being that easy to get my money back.

So, in case anyone here is interested in buying this copy of UP.... believe me or don't, I'm just informing you. You may very easily have problems like me.... take care!



As You Said
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Get the money back via PayPal, they sound like a bunch of scammers.

Also, tell eBay the whole thing and get them dealt with.

£160 is not 'too cheap' anyway, for a FAC2 without original stickers.

24 Hours
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Ebay is now so biased towards the Buyer, should you have a problem of any kind (or frankly even dont have a problem, but just want your money back), simply raise a case with Paypal / Ebay and you will not lose.

There is no longer any need or point for long drawn-out disputes with the Seller, just raise a case, and Ebay sides with the Buyer

As a Seller, this has become a nightmare ... as you are totally exposed to time-wasters, plus will be out of pocket for paying return postage in some cases

The Kill
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I don't know if the Ebay policy changed, bus last year I had an issue with a (Canadian) seller that at the end didn't want to sell/send me the vinyls I had regularly won (all incidentally by JD) and Ebay said that they couldn't do anything. According to them, my only possibility was to issue a negative feedback and then maybe they could have initiated an action on the seller, but not to force him/her to sell the items.

At a Later date
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If the seller doesn't want to sell, won't sell. It's allowed in case that item got damaged after the sale, or lost, or not available for any reason, so the seller just has to give one of these reasons and it will be the end of the problem for him. Ebay checks, though, if a seller does that repeatedly, and will act in consequence. 
In this case, I reported the seller, and Ebay was notified about everything, including the all messages where the seller was saying she wouldn't sell it to me for that price and she was open to offers. That's a blatant violation of Ebay policies, but it seems they have done nothing about it. I left negative feedback for her, and it was even been deleted after a few days!! [eek]
Anyway, my money was refunded - they took 10 days to refund it, but well.... better than nothing. Seller re-listed the same item, and sold it for £250!! 

Originally Posted by truth
£160 is not 'too cheap' anyway, for a FAC2 without original stickers.

Yes, I was really stupid and missed the last line of the description where she said the stickers weren't original. I had seen the pictures and didn't notice they weren't. In the end, I was really lucky that she didn't want to sell it, because now I'd have a very expensive copy with no original stickers!! And even luckier that a few days after I scored another copy with 5 original stickers for a really good price! 😉


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