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Quote just  from Julie on Coronation Street who just broke up with her cheating man ..... "I just want to get drunk on Tequila and listen to Joy Division"

And then her ex left a bottle of Tequila and Unknown Pleasures CD on her doorstep (London Records reissiue I think lol)

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Yes and it's not the first time they have been mentioned on Corrie either. Someone must like them amongst the writers.

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Coronation Street, Thursday 31st May 2018 -

"As baddie Phelan, played by Connor McIntyre, fled the builders’ yard with a loaded gun, he turned on a stereo which started to play Joy Division’s haunting 1980 anthem Atmosphere.

Pulling up his hood and his face contorted with anger, the song then became an almost cinematic soundtrack to his menacing walk down the cobbles as he headed to his wife Eileen’s house to wreak his revenge, with the lyrics: “Walk in silence, Don’t turn away, in silence” ringing out" (it was actualy very fitting)

Moments later in a seperate scene, New Order's 'True Faith' rings out from the radio backing a characters plea over the airwaves, just as the intended recipient of the message drives along Princess Parkway under Epping Walk bridge.

When asked if there’s a big Joy Division/New Order fan on the soap, Corrie insisted that the music was chosen because it “created the right atmosphere”, and nothing more than that. Both the Joy Division and New Order tracks were chosen jointly by the episode’s director, Audrey Cooke, and soap producer Kate Oates for the Thursday night scenes. A spokeswoman said: “It wasn’t to do with them being Manchester bands, more about feeling they created the right atmosphere for the scenes.”

Alse heard in recent episodes:
Two characters mentioned they were going to see a Joy Division tribute act.
A hospital ward in Weatherfield General is named 'The Tony Wilson' ward

No love of JD in the Corrie offices ? - You decide!

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