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Peter Hook
May 18 2015

Comes closest to all that was intended in the orginal, IMO

In a Lonely Place
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This is a version of "Passover" from The Unreliable Witnesses - taken from their fourth gig - at the Rose & Crown in Kentish Town on November 1st. They are a covers band - but only the lyrics are covered - by the frontman, Grant Bale - who recites them - and does not sing them. The other musicians - Miss de Meaner and Barry Stir -  improvise the music in the background. As well as no one knowing what music will be played, Grant Bale keeps secret the lyrics to be read on the night from everyone - including his fellow musicians. They never play the same song twice - even if they get a soundcheck - the songs played at soundcheck do not get aired later on - and all songs are online either on soundcloud or youtube. Miss de Meaner and Barry Stir bear uncanny resemblances to Marina Young and Cos Chapman - and Grant Bale is the spitting image of yours truly.....

"I Still Can't Hear Meself"

Leaders of Men
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I love this one

My band (more acoustic post-punk than anything else):

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Walked In Line
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A successful virus clinging to a speck of mud.
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