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I'm going to see Hooky later in the year and, from what I've seen of his recent shows on Periscope and Twitter it really looks like he's on top form. Has anyone seen him recently?

At a Later date
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I saw PH and The Light in Madrid, October 2015. I went to the gig with good expectations, but to my surprise, it was much better, an excellent show, even with the venue PA not helping so much. The band sounds amazing, very powerful and honest, and Hooky looks & performs really good for his age and all the abuse he has gone through. I wanna be like him in 20 years hahahah [biggrin]
Don't miss it, be sure it will be one you will remember. 

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I saw The Light in November last year and had a great time, though not for the reasons I expected.

My reaction to the opening JD material was surprisingly tepid. I think this had something to do with a lack of tension. So many JD live recordings pulse with pressure, like a high-wire act with no net. Without that urgency, hearing the songs covered didn't move me.

OTOH, I loved Brotherhood and Low-Life played live. The dancing was grand. They played for three hours, so wear the most comfortable shoes you can mange. The long version of Elegia was lovely.

I don't know what songs they'll be playing this go-round, but given the length of time they're on stage, you won't feel short-changed if you like New Order.
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