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Inside the line
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Hiya everyone,

Just won a bid for a Warsaw shirt and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was an original or had some history with it, I haven't found anything quite like it.

A print on the sleeve says 1980 MCMLXXX with Whipping Floyd as the maker.

In pretty nice nick, anyone know about it?


I Remember Nothing
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It's probably in pretty nice nick because it's only just been printed! There wouldn't have been a t-shirt like that on the night as the band was bottom of the bill, was billed as 'Stiff Kittens' and 'Steve' was not even in the band at the time (they should have printed 'Tony').

The '1980 MCMLXXX' is also a bit of a giveaway.

Hope you didn't pay too much for it...

In a Lonely Place
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And wasn't "Bernard" known as "Barney Rubble" at the time?
"I Still Can't Hear Meself"
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