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At a Later date
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could not make manchester tonight.anyone who attended what footage was shown , was there a good turnout for this.
any merchandise for sale ...........


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bbc6 said about 900 people showed up for a 60 by 80ft screen. ian's aunt was there and was very moved apparently.

some people were moaning about the quality of the film footage - but it's 25 yrs old what the hell did they expect?

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No Love Lost
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Just got back from Exchange Square.........

Much larger turnout than I anticipated.......

In the region of 1200 IMO, 900 is a definate underestimation.

The sound was piss poor (not due to the age of the footage, but the poor acoustics > lots of echo from other buildings< the film quality was same as ever.

It was photographed extensively and I asked the photogrpaher who she was working for and apparently it's for manchester online (not sure of the web link, but run through google I guess).

It was also filmed quite extensively by a young lady on high quality equipment (so pro footage I reckon), also saw a guy film loads on a DV Recorder. Loads of photo's from fans too, so in my estimation well documented.

Didn't notice any merchandise on sale (manchester's record store's / general after gig t-shirt hawkers missed a trick there) Bowden Vale photo exhibition flyers were handed out to all though.

Was suprised at the Something Else footage, the top quarter of the screen was doing plenty of flickering, better get a DVD release out soon to stop any other degeneration !!!

Throughly enjoyable experience, bloody cold though !!!!

Highlight of the evning was sitting there watching the usual babble on the screen from about 6.45pm, then at about 6.57pm, the screen went black and then a couple of minutes later (cue goosebumps) it started with a booming female voice introducing the event as 'Transmission - Celebrating The Life Of Ian Curtis". Then the Something Else footage (which I haven't seen other than stills posted on websites). Then onto (not exactly sure of the running order here, shit memory these days) footage from the Apollo in 1979, then LWTUA promo, interview with Morley / Wilson / Barney / Hooky / Stephen from ?1985 ish?, then in no particular order, Atomsphere promo, Eindoven footage, more Apollo 1979.

All the different segments were interspersed with comment from Ian Brown, LCD Soundsystem and someone else I can't remember (all audio clips with various live shots of Ian / JD)

One thing worthy of a mention is the sheer age gap of the people in attendance. Loads of people from 15 to 30 (always good to see the 'new generation' of fans out in force) then the older bods like myself. Fair play to the 5 year old at the front breakdancing to Joy Division (he was there with his Mum and Dad).

Started at 7.00pm and finished off about 8.20pm. Didn't hang around, 14 hour day, and bloody freezing, so off to a warm coffee and this post...!

Couldn't get to the Cemetry today due to work committments in Birmingham, so will nip over tommorrow morning on way to Manchester.


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The Kill
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Fantastic Night -

Spotted in the crowd were Mark E Smith, Pete Shelley and Clint Boon.

Great turnout as well, i would say approx 1000.


Inside the line
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great turn out last night, was a real shame they didn't sort the sound out but was cool atomsphere apart from the razorlight wanna be kids (2 off them actually- anyone else spot them?- anyone manage to give them a slap??)


we were stood up by Selfridges were Clint Boon and his gang of followers were, also saw Mani and Peter Hook who was there with his wife and kids bottled it til the last minute to get his autograph til some drunk approached him asking him to sign his arms!- hes much smaller than i imagined though- no sign of Bernard or Wilson though but apparantly someone had seen Stephen Morris there!- it was cool to see him though.


Didn't manage to get to the crem but might go up tonight after work.

in the Macc Exppress yesterday they were saying that filming for film will start early autumn in Macc and Manchester- still saying jude law is favourite though?!


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The third guy interviewed was Andy Williams from Doves.
It was ok, couldn't stand the quality on the 88 documentary, could barely hear a thing.


In a Lonely Place
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The Macc Express must have lazy journalists who rely on old tittle tattle. We all know by now that the Jude thang is tosh.

"I Still Can't Hear Meself"

No Love Lost
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Still no photo's available from anyone on here. Would love to see some / keepers for sure !

Walked In Line
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I think they are still looking for their Scarlett !!!......... 

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