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Day of The Lords
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One hardcore fan told me that it was originally recorded in Marquee (4 mar 1979) and Bowdon Vale was record over it (but it was a copy tape). I can't divulge name of fan but he's are reliable when it comes to the sources info. And how we know Ian called unrecorded songs as 'Soundtrack' so can we see 'soundtrack' on Marquee handwritten set-list, which was actually 'Exercise One'. 
I think this all just a rumor.
Someone can shed any light on this?

Sorry for my English.

Exercise One
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Oh, I love Exercise One! Unfortunately, I can't answer your question, fage, but I'm just saying I've recently become obsessed with Exercise One. When you're looking at life, in a bright new room, nearly drowning soon, is this the start of it all? ...
E. J. O.

I Remember Nothing
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Exercise One was referred to by that title in a Sounds (I think) review from September 1978 and also called Exercise One when recorded for the John Peel show in January therefore seems unlikely that the song called Soundtrack on the Marquee setlist was Exercise One.

But I thought we'd been through all this before and one of the contributors (Isolated?) had asked Steve Morris who had said that Soundtrack was probably the name they used for I Remember Nothing...

As You Said
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I've always said it was their working title for 'No Love Lost'. Can't prove it at all though.

One day...

In a Lonely Place
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Strange if it was - using the working title for a song which had been released on AIFL using its proper title the year before
"I Still Can't Hear Meself"

As You Said
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Yep, like Cramp or KW1

Are these all of the 'Soundtrack' mystery setlists:

The Marquee 04.03.1979


Unknown gig


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