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Inside the line
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Hi. I wondered if anyone knew how to tell an original FAC 1 poster from the 2003 limited edition run of he same poster. Would anyone have idea of value of an original FAC 1 poster? Thanks

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Tricky to price an original FAC1 ... probably in the region of £1000 - £1200 ??

Ive only seen a couple come up for sale during the last 20 years or so ... one was £500 or so back then

I bought one of the 2003 re-issues ...think they did an edition of 500, with Peter Saville's involvement.

No doubt some people selling the 2003 version will claim that they are selling an original - so beware

People said the quality of the 2003 re-issue was excellent  ... but ive personally never seen an original in the flesh to compare it with.
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