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Inside the line
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Hi all. A few years ago I was given a 7', white label test press. It's also in a white sleeve, and hand written on it you will find
"New Order/Joy Division
In a Lonely Place

Tony (Wilson)
File under 'maybe'?
Rob (Gretton)."

On the record you'll find the songs:
In a Lonely Place
How I wish you were here with me now
Watching Forever.

On the record it also has engraved (by hand) FACT 33. I've looked it up on the FR Catalogue, and it comes up with test presses that were done in a gold, green, blue and cream sleeve, but not white. Can anyone help me determining what kind of print it might be?

I need to play the record to determine who sung all those songs. Stupidly got rid of my record player a couple of months back.

If anyone would like to see some pictures of the record, please contact me via my email: . Any help would be greatly appreciated! Happy new year.
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