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Inside the line
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New member here. Long time fan from the start, and was lucky enough to see JD live supporting the Buzzcocks. A gig I went to as much to see JD as the headliners.

Anyway. I've been clearing out my lockup, and found some forgotten boxes of vinyl, which I'm going through with an eye to selling to clear space.

As well as the original releases of the JD albums and singles, I came across a copy of 'The Ideal Beginning' from Sept 1981 complete with the Factory newsletter from 1979 and the band biography, as detailed in the Discography on this site.

But tucked in amongst them was a long forgotten Factory Newsletter that I got sent dated August 1981. Googling 'Factory Newsletter' gives up little, except some rare book seller trying to sell the sheets from the Ideal Beginning semi-bootleg for $3500!!

Does anyone know if the August 1981 newsletter is something likely to appeal to collectors? And if so, any idea how much it's worth?

Likewise the 'Ideal Beginning' with sheets. The Discography suggests that only a few included them, so any idea if they add to the value?

Ta for reading.

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Both are relatively easy to find .... the Shareholders newsletters were typically photocopied and sent out at the time. Images of them are available online ... look on Google for 'Factory Records Shareholder Newsletter' for example.

I suspect yours is also a photocopy ... but if it was printed and sent out on original Factory headed paper then it might be worth something to a Factory collector

Could put them on the Bay and see what they go for

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In a Lonely Place
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This is on "" under the "h.a.t.y.m." segment,citing the 1980's shareholder newsletter:
-http://Shareholder's Analysis End of Year '80: "3hr VHS cassette. complete J.D. video. three concerts plus three TV's of variable picture/sound quality but unswerving aesthetic dimensions."
3 hours would've been nice.

"has amnesia ever helped?"-"yes,when the past became a burden...too much to bare!"
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