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Darkman - I can fully appreciate your reasoning if the therapy tape has never been made available - but the snippet we have is on the JD documentary for all to hear. None of the material fage has uploaded is brand new - they are either souped up versions that are or were available elsewhere (Paradiso), rehearsals that were leaked on the net (Shadowplay) or available from other official sources. All fine to me. All fage is doing with this therapy tape is isolating a snippet that everyone who has seen the cinema screenings or bought the DVD has already heard.

You're right Lee.......I just went back and watched the JD doc, and what fage posted is from that. I was going from memory of the JD doc yesterday, when I listened to what Fage posted, and I didn't remember that part being 2 minutes long. My memory let me down......and I apologize for jumping the gun. Sorry Fage......

I can deleted it (regression therapy) If you think it necessary...

Rehearsals was leaked on
Set list:
1 Reaction
2 Inside The Line
3 Leaders Of Men
4 Novelty #1
5 The Kill
6 Novelty #2
1977 June(?) rehearsals
This rehearsal appeared on 'Leaders Of Men' CD but on CD quality poor...
7 Pictures In My Mind #1
8 Pictures In My Mind #2
9 Shadowplay (Instrumental)
1978 May rehearsals
Pictures in my mind are still sold on the Hooky's site. You can be bought!

.......I knew all that Rehearsal stuff was leaked and you were not posting new rehearsal was never a question of Rehearsal material......that kind of material gives the fan an insight into the band creating behind closed doors........sorry again Fage, Cheers


"We Knocked on the doors of Hell's darker chamber, Pushed to the limit, We dragged ourselves in".
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