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The Eternal
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am i going to be dead for longer than before i was alive ?

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Have I misunderstood this?

They're selling a 'limited run' of reprints, which they class as 'good' condition?

And they're charging £135 a pair.  Hmm...

There's so much wrong with that, I don't really know where to start.

Presumably, as they 'are the only people selling these prints', you'd think they'd have them in better condition than 'good'.
And, again presumably, they could reprint this 'limited run' as much as they want, replacing any 'good' quality ones with 'fresh from the printers' quality? (ah, I guess they wouldn't be 'limited' then? [wink])

Finally, what's to stop anyone from going to a local printers and getting them to mock up a few (like they've done), for less than £135?

OK - if they were originals, I could understand a) the condition and b) the price.
But copies they've had made themselves?

Is there something I'm missing here?  Is this particular seller known for this (I'm guessing so, based on the thread title).


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In a Lonely Place
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Hewitt,founder of ozzitt and goes under the name beam(with three digits) on ebay,have a read here:
...and esp. here:

.....wish I could remember exactly when and how I obtained it, but that's lost in the mists of time it seems. But I do remember I was happy to get it back then.....

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Ah, yes.

Sorry, did see that thread back in the day but didn’t connect the two.

Not good.

24 Hours
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Not good at all - especially given he has sold at least 3,500 items on ebay ... i wonder how many unsuspecting buyers have bought fakes ?
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