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Inside the line
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Can anyone provide some more details on what exactly this piece of vinyl I've been sitting on for 15 years might actually be?

I understand Warsaw is only a bootleg release, but here's the details:
White Vinyl - J.D. "WARSAW" printed on each side with track listings below "RZM Productions LTD" at the bottom.
Front of sleeve: Neutron Star pulses image
back of sleeve: WARSAW and track listing, image at the bottom which appears to be a cross-section of landscape with the words "Tarita" on the left side and "Alcazar" on the right.

Any info on this would be much appreciated.

here's a shot of the disc:


Inside the line
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Figures I find more info only after I post.

Sounds like this is the Australian bootleg version according to:

It has a "Warsaw-A"/"Warsaw B" matrix numbers


New Dawn Fades
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From what I remember, there was 1000 on white vinyl, came out around 1990.

I see you have "Dogs blood order" there behind it, very hard to find!

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In a Lonely Place
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.....wish I could remember exactly when and how I obtained it, but that's lost in the mists of time it seems. But I do remember I was happy to get it back then.....
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