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Been asking Ian since last Sept to help me figure these out. Know that sounds nutty but...I think it worked. OTOH think this may indeed be a song where by some sort of magic each listener hears something different. Know that sounds nuttier. Don't care cause I'm not afraid any more either. Take a chance and say you tried is damned gd advice. Thanks Ian.

It's the myth of Sisyphus conflated with.....the theme of "As Time Goes By." And then there's Ianesque biblical references.
If you fight the stone and hurry
Will you change the same old story
Look at love (a) little girl cryin'
Turn away it's never gonna come time
Look around seasons're comin' (Ecclesiastes 3:1)
Run away but he will be there
Remember that no matter what happens
Make you glad you played his way this time
(Oh) I will take hold
I'll bridge the stone [Matthew 7:24-25]
Heaven knows it's got to get somewhere
Crashin' through (it's) breakin' through (and) helter-skelter
It's got to work this time
I'll break the mold
I'll crush the stone [ie into a path]
Heaven knows it's got to lead somewhere
Lovin' you for a word that's true
Picture me then you're still watching
Watching forever
Watching forever
Everything let it say so*
(For) everthing shall it be so*
God in his heaven let it be so*
(*Psalm 107:2, Isaiah 55:11)


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I read a good article today called "There Must Be Some Misunderstanding" that discusses, in part, certain elements and powers that arise when lyrics are muffled or mumbled. It's a long read but well worth it for gaining a greater understanding the fascination of this song.

Not sure how to make links on this board, and I'm on mobile, so the bookmark reads

If you are no fan of The Fall or Gang of Four just skip those parts lol.
But don't skip reading the comment section. Laughs there!

Every time I listen to "Colony," the lyric is always "I watched all hell break loose/Couldn't find a donut to spare" ;-)

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I was wrong about some verses. What Ian is singing is:
Galleries all lined with dreams
Picture me & then you're still watching
Watching for Ever
Watching for Ever
For Ever...etc

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I'll have to check, but I'm sure there's a page from one of Ian's notebooks in 'Permanence' that has the lyric:

"Avenues all lined with trees
Picture me in ten years' time watching,
Watching forever... etc."

Which is haunting to say the least.

Inside the line
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Thanks for this. It really is a chilling song, even if it is popularly quoted as "the only happy JD song".
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