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Inside the line
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Hi , a joy division fan told me about this site. I just wanted to say that I met Ian Curtis when I was a teenager . He was really nice to us , all of the band were , well peter hook was a bit scary at the time . Ian Curtis was funny and seemed totally ok with us . We had no idea he had any health issues , we were only young but apart from his , as we called it , odd dancing ,he was just like us . He signed all the various bits we had with , none were the same and we were all next to each other , but he was larking about . It seems a shame that a lot of people on here never got to see him or joy division , I have not read any books about them or Ian Curtis but I hope they put the guy in a good light . I found the piece of paper that I thought lost with the signatures on recently while looking through record albums in the garage , I found an old single that is red when put up to light and it reminded me about him . Someone I spoke to said not to make copies and sell the copied signatures at it encouraged other people to copy them . That is a bit pointless if you ask me as the main thing about a signature to me was that I met the person . As I said I have just found it after thirty five ish years and it just reminded me of the gig and the band members . I reiterate , Ian Curtis did not come across as a depressed person in any way to any of us , quite the opposite

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In a Lonely Place
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Hi & thanks for joining...esp. sharing your recollections.did that 'jd-fan' tell you of this site on YouTube. (HERE ARE THE YOUNG MEN vid)?

.....wish I could remember exactly when and how I obtained it, but that's lost in the mists of time it seems. But I do remember I was happy to get it back then.....
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