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On Guitars 101 there is a post entitled 

Warsaw: Rehearsals: 1977-78

It has the same 1977 rehearsal tracks as on the "The Leaders Of Men" boot, but also has the 2 takes of "Pictures On My Wall" (128 Kbps, pre-Hooky official-release versions) but then ... a 5 minute 4 second instrumental-only version of "Shadowplay" that surely must be the very first recording of it??  

This was mentioned in that fake "Rehearsals CD from Stephen Morris" posting that was going around back in December of 2009:

Warsaw Rehearsals: Manchester: 1978
07. Pictures In My Mind I
08. Pictures In My Mind II
09. Shadowplay (Instrumental)

but the other early tracks on that CD aren't the same as what was listed for that post (i.e. on "The Leaders Of Men" boot):

Warsaw Rehearsals: Manchester: 1977
01. At A Later Date
02. (Waiting For The) Ice Age
03. Inside The Line
04. Warsaw
05. Failures (Of The Modern Man)
06. No Love Lost [Instrumental]

Looks like maybe this stuff is finally leaking out in dribs 'n' drabs?

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 Well spotted matey.Guitars 101 has some occasional Joy Division / New Order nuggets ,However many uploads were using Megaupload as a host ,so they are a currently blocked !!

The Shadowplay instrumental opens with a tuning up riff that reminds me of Radioheads The Bends track !!

"I Think Everythings Falling Apart ".

New Dawn Fades
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It's as previously discussed, a totally different rehearsal than on the 'Leaders of men' cd.

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