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In a Lonely Place
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Was browsing through book-section when i came upon this title:
Sub-text states,they are seldomly seen,deducing that the print # maybe lower as stated.
Long story short,after reading that, i browsed german ebay shortly after & showed up,#710!
Doesn't claim jdc is incorrect,unless we ever find a copy  that comes close to # 2500?
Here's the link to the german sale,have placed a bid but i just spent/concentrated cash on first uk up cds and was blessed,that friends secured me the last k.cummins coffee-table book available (£50,christ...should've grabbed it shortly after release.....instead of going for the german version!) !
Crazy,did any other country release the book?
Anyway,here is the link if anyone is interested:

"has amnesia ever helped?"-"yes,when the past became a burden...too much to bare!"

A Means To An End
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At least it sold for a realistic / fair price 
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