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Inside the line
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I've entered into something here -I only wanted to clarify what I remember about the gig as there appears to be confusion as to the actual date of a gig Joy Division did at the Band on the Wall 1978.

What I do remember is that they played in early September 78 but although I was going to go, I pulled out as I was due to start the sixth form the day after & wanted to sort myself out for that one. However I did hear a couple of weeks later that they were to play again at the BOTW with A Certain Ratio ; now the date I believe this gig happened was on a Tuesday night, 25 September 1978, and was arranged by the Manchester Musicians Collective.


There were 3 bands on that night - first up, Alien Tint, who did a good set with a couple of good songs in particular, "Propanganda blues" & "Survivor Subscriber" - they also featured a young Martin Moscrop.


Next, A Certain Ratio, with Si Topping & Pete Terrell - wierd songs, but they had only started a few months before.


Finally , Joy Division - amongst the numbers I do remember hearing were "Ice Age" & "Transmission"  -me & my mate didn't know the true title and called it "dance dance dance to the radio" when we discussed it on the way home for the all-night bus. Ian Curtis knocked a chair over when he was dancing to it as well, and it was a shock seeing him dance for the first time.


Can anybody clarify & confirm this gig?? It's not for me or my benefit as I have only got this involved due to all the uncertainty re it - please, if can confirm details, let the whole site know - Marko, is this alright???


The next time I saw A Certain Ratio, I was talking to Si Topping and he told me that Martin had joined - and there he was in his grey suit & side parting, on guitar. The rest...... is Manchester History!!!!!


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Hello everyone


Yes, Si emailed us about this gig as he went to it and I'm afraid we've pestered him somewhat about which of the Band On The Walls gigs it may have been


Now that Si has posted the information here we're hoping it may jog someone elses memory somehow so we can maybe work out when this mysterious gig was.


Cheers Si




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Was Martin Moscrop in Alien Tint? I genuinely never realised though I knew them well as an ex schoolmate of mine, Stuart.  played guitar and I interviewed them several times. I do recall that gig, too...though precise details have faded in the mist. I recall A Tint unleashing Firebal XL5 on the startled students of Stockport College on one occasion. As to my old friend..last seen playing 'Allright Now' in a New Mills covers band. Way to go....


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Photo taken by me on 8 August 2006 :-)


Photo taken by me on 8 August 2006



Inside the line
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Alien Tint played support for Joy Division at BotW on two occasions in 1978.  The gig in September was the second - though I don't remember the exact date 25th/26th seems about right.  I think the first time was in July or August 78.


And, yes, Mr Middles, Martin Moscrop did play with Alien Tint at that time - he quit the band to join ACR shortly after the September BotW gig and was replaced by Steve "Howie" Hallworth who you witnessed blowing the crowd away at Stockport College alongside Stu, Paddy, Bobby and myself.  I still have a copy of the review of that gig as well as a copy of the "Six of the Best from Manchester" article that you wrote for "Sounds" music paper in 1979 featuring JD and AT amongst others.


The JD memory most etched into my brain is from the first time AT supported them and I got into a scuffle with Hooky. He thought I was trying to nick his bass guitar - I wasn't, we had identical crap Rickenbacker copies (Hondo II Cherry Sunburst). He tried to grab mine off me during our soundcheck. All I knew was someone I'd never seen before was trying to grab my bass so it kicked off for about ten seconds - until he realised it wasn't his.  We made up over a beer later.

G T Start

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25th September 1978 seems plausible, as the MMC gigs were typically on Monday, the LWTUA gigography lists the 26th...

More importantly, since neither 'Ice Age' nor 'Transmission' were on the bill, this may rule out the '78 BOTW dates for the mystery gig we have a recording for, assuming the October '78 performance listing can't be substantiated.
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