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Inside the line
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I saw Joy Division on 10th February 1979 at the Bolton Institute of Technology, Unknown Pleasures had not yet been released but my mate had The Factory Sample EP and I had Live At The Electric Circus, which included At A Later Date.

A sparse gathering of Bolton punks and college students were there to witness the support band THE CURBS who ran through a set made up entirely of Clash covers, which seemed to get the Day-Glo coiffured punters bouncing along enthusiastically.

Following this Joy Division took to the stage and were met with a rather bemused response from the punk element of the audience. I remember the stage having a low beam just above it, which Ian regularly used to place his free hand against as he sung. I can't recall any of the set details and there was a rumour that some of the punks were unhappy at the band not being Punk enough? leading to a fracas outside the venue. (Any Help Here)

If anyone has a recording of this event or more info I would be glad to hear from you.


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Ice Age
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Welcome Bullet. First hand recollections of JD gigs are always nice to read regardless of how sketchy. :-)

There is no known recording of this gig to my knowledge but a few things have turned up out of the blue over the years so you never know.

Inside the line
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Hi , I was a punk who went to see joy division , well killing joke actually . I saw them both at high Wycombe , killing joke had fire eaters ! Joy division were powerful but for me their music was depressing , until they played love will tear us apart which I thought was brilliant and made sure I got to tell them so . As a brazen teenager I did not think before telling Ian Curtis the song was great and that he should release it . He smiled at me and took the piss back at my jacket ! Really nice guy , music lost a terrific character , this site is itself a testimony to how important they were to a lot of people . I was blasé that I saw them and thought nothing of it , now I am older it is clearer how they were inspirational . The bass and his voice are to me the source of joy division
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