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Just picked up the issue. Looks great. Not sure how much might be pulled from ‘This Searing Light’ as it’s just come out, but I haven’t read that yet anyway, so it matters little. It also has a Lambchop article, which is nice

You’re No Good For Me
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Always good to see a front cover and long article on JD in any magazine but nothing new in this one. Half of it is the history of the band and the rest most fans already know. Some good photos but again nothing new. "Selected Discography" is annoying, theres a place for the "Personal Mixes" but none for the True Faith exhibition, white vinyl, Closer which is now seeing an increase in value (note this has not been added to discography of Joydiv. Central). As regards prices if anyone sees a boxed cassette of Closer for £30 in excellent condition let me know, its more like £50-£60. And no mention of Sordide.

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'Personal Mixes' is a bootleg too.

I'm sure RC's price guide is well off these days, I didn't pay much attention to it.

Inside the line
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Music papers have all gone to hell. I blame unpaid interns. Looks like they don't have a proof reader. I saw JD on the cover of a magazine yesterday but I didn't get it and I can't remember which.

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Cover,Top left,jd reference...ian would've been smitten sharing cover with "ziggy":

"has amnesia ever helped?"-"yes,when the past became a burden...too much to bare!"
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