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In a Lonely Place
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"Urge you to ignore"
aye,aye,captain H. ;already done!

"has amnesia ever helped?"-"yes,when the past became a burden...too much to bare!"

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Day of The Lords
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Now "She's Lost Control" from Bowdon Vale (as known as a part of M. Whitehead film) available on Joy Division's official YouTube channel.

It was available earlier, but it was "private". Now the video is available for all.

Could this be a good sign? Do we have a chance to see the film completely? Who knows?!...

Sorry for my English.

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I just came across this on my YouTube feed!
Pretty great sound / picture quality in comparison with most bootlegs of that video out there.

I hope this is a good sign that the Whitehead film may get a release.
I tried to email Mr Whitehead a few weeks ago to ask him if he ever planned to show it again, but didn't get a response (it might have been an old, i.e. incorrect, email address though).  I like to think that my email encouraged him (doubtful, but until I hear otherwise, I'm saying that it was all down to me [wink] [smile]).

By the way, Fage, many thanks for the great restoration of the Granada Reports Shadowplay appearance.  I had never seen that Bob Greaves introduction before. Or the Tony Wilson outro.  It was great to see something new after all these years!  Thanks again!
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