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Hello JDC. I am new to this forum, but I have been a Joy Division fan since 1978, when we first went to see them at Band On The Wall. I am knocking on a bit now; I no longer play the vinyl, so even though I have kept hold of all the records for all these years it seems a bit pointless to hang on to them, when someone else out there might enjoy owning them more than I.

Consequently, I have decided the time has come to sell. I am doing it privately, so if anyone reading this knows someone who may be seeking any of the records, please let them know. You can see the catalogue and contact information at the following link:

Thanks for reading.

Update 23/10/19

Thanks to all that have checked out my list of vinyl for sale. The previous link is now redundant, as several of the records have now sold. Please check the new link to see what is still available:

I have also put the more interesting discs on Discogs. The Sordide Semtimental is still available, in really excellent condition, and I am open to sensible offers.

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