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Inside the line
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Just curious if anyone knows if joy division used drugs and if so what. I've read so many articles claiming that they smoked pot and took speed, but then also that they were a completely drug free band (apart from Ian's prescriptions) anyone know?
Donovan Cooper

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I think Steven and Ian were once suspended from school for drinking cough medicine (for its hallucogenic effects in larger quantities).

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alcohol is a drug so yes.

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At a Later date
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There's a funny anecdote (I think I read it on Hooky's book) about Stephen taking some acid one night when they were playing somewhere in continental Europe.

24 Hours
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Wasnt that the story about the 'Belgrade Star' ... which seemed to be a very strong tab of acid that should have been split into at least 4  ... but that Steve took whole (and was thus off his face for a few days of teh Jan '80 euro tour) ?

At a Later date
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yes, I checked the book, after the gig in Cologne a guy approached Steve and offered him an acid tab he swallowed to the amazement of the guy, who said something like "wow you Mancunians are wild!!". Steve asked why, and the guy explained he had taken a dose enough for 5 people! he ended tripping all night and telling Hooky he was going to chop him with an axe, then stood 3 days without saying a word and staring at everyone all the time. 

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The Kill
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In the Grant Gee's documentary "Joy Division", Bernard says people thought Ian was using drugs because of his way of dancing on stage, but he replies he never used drugs.
In Lindsay Reade's  and Mick Middles's book, though, the same Bernard says that during the recording of Closer the producer Martin Hannett was under the effects of heroine, while the band was done of amphetamines.

Who knows what the truth was, anyway I think that the worse drug was the combination of the hard and multi-substances neurological treatment Ian had to follow for the cure of epilepsy with alcool.
This might also have been one of the causes of his suicide since that night, after the argument with Debbie in Barton Street, he drank a lot of hard liquors he found in the house.

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I'm reading "Rip It Up And Start Again: Postpunk 1978-1984" and in the chapter about The Fall, Joy Division, and the Manchester scene Simon Reynolds mentions " Manchester had a strong underground drug culture," which you can draw yr own conclusions about its effect on JD. What shocked me more was Reynolds' statement that " Numbing and often incapacitating tranquilizer s were massively overprescribed to help ordinary people not so much manage their lives as to be manageable." Yikes. To me, that explains in part why Ian was prescribed his drugs.

Inside the line
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