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Inside the line
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Joy Division - "Live In Sweden '80"

See Notes:
The title is misleading - Joy Division have never performed in Sweden. Apparently most tracks on this tape are RCA demos from May 1978, also known as the Warsaw album. Some tracks are taken from the first John Peel Session in January 1979.
The track listing on the cover is not correct.
The label reads "TLC", "a tight leather product", "c&p 1981". The number "48" and the cassette sides (A and B) are written with typewriter.

Anyone knows anything about this tape? A "real" bootleg or just a well done singular diy-fan-item?

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I think it’s a genuine bootleg from the early 80’s. Discogs says it’s from 1981, back when people didn’t have a clue. Of course it’s non-sensical, “live in Sweden”. It reminds me of the bootleg LP I once had of Siouxsie & the Banshees. It was from a show in Paris in 1979, but since the bootlegger didn’t care to get his facts right, he just called it “live tour Sweden 1980”. It was like Sweden was synonymous for “We don’t know what the hell this is, but we trust you’ll buy it anyway”.

Inside the line
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Yep. Meanwhile, someone generated a cassette bootleg label "A Tight Leather Product",

Now there's a double entry of this cassette but it will be merged.

Conclusion: Genuine bootleg.

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TLC is geniune. I traded with him around this period. I have a Cabs Bonn tape on this label
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