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Awful awful scenes in Manchester last night.
Just heard a report on Radio 4 about the attack.
Mentioned Hooky had tweeted that his daughter had gone to the gig and was safe and sending his best to all families involved.
They then played Atmosphere. Incredible how everything comes back to JD. So poignant in any circumstance.

Here Are The Young Men

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Well... I know i am not really présent on the jd central interactive area but i read it every day considering i am a jd fan / collector
So i want to reply on this awful attack last night in Manchester.
How to say ... I was at le Bataclan the 13th novembre 2015 ... i do not want to expose what i saw and hard feelings i had during that night and how things have been difficult After ... I am safe alive & feel better & for sure it changed my life
Btw i express all my strong feelings of love friendship to all the people hurt and touched by these terrorists attacks
WE have to fight against these Fuck**** terrorists
As Bob Marley said # get up stand up dont give up the fight #
I still go to shows life have to continue in a positive way

Think for yourself ....
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