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Atrocity Exhibition
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Saw this video on NOOL Forum by Mr Dreams Never End.

It's from 1984 and talks about "An Ideal for Living" book release and their opinions about Joy Division and New Order. Just go forward till minute 13'30".

Hooky: “Oh god. When you get to our age, the hangovers are so massive, they last for about a week.”

Inside the line
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Brilliant stuff.

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In a Lonely Place
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oh moz,what a jealous poofter (not meant homophobic,just me dads favorite)....& he dares talking of 'pretentious' when his picture is in the oxford dictionary next to the words definition!he then claims 30 years later to have been in contemplative dialog about 'poo-etry' via the ole 'dog & bone' (excuse my flirtation with 'cockney-slang'!) with the man himself he chose to mischievously slander!
....but the real humiliation for moz derives from boy georges...ehmm,cough-error not intentional, george michaels superior taste of music which unfortunately wasn't reflected in his own music.that point goes to the 'Lancashire lad' as i do possess a lot  of related vinyl.
i refuse to comment on blackburn....wonder when he gets accused of pedophilia;again-'cough'?!?

.....wish I could remember exactly when and how I obtained it, but that's lost in the mists of time it seems. But I do remember I was happy to get it back then.....

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Ice Age
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I remember watching this at the time it was broadcast and thinking beforehand that all three were twats. Morrisey and Blackburn just confirmed it, Michael made me think he was slightly less of a twat. As you say ,Morrisey accusing someone of being pretentious is just beyond funny.

I think it was also the first time I had seen footage of JD.

No Love Lost
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I remember reading in the 80s or 90s that 'Closer' was George Michael's favourite LP. Interesting to see here for the first time from the man himself that he actually only liked side 2.
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