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This documentary is that fucking good, I have just logged on at 1 in the morning!

Highly emotional stuff.....and I'm pretty sober! Cannae speak highly enough of the way that it's been pieced together, ou can clearly tell this was put together by people who cared.

Best thing about it for me was that they got all the people who mattered onto the film, you can clearly see the emotion that Ian's death still carries in the way everyone talks about it.

More importantly, the way the documentary is edited, with the past and present scenes of Manchester, the venues and images mixed cleverly with so many of the songs from both albums, you cannae help but feel like you were there yersel.

I could whinge about not seeing more of the Plan K footage and  still not having seen the full SLC on What's On, but for now I couldnae care less, I'll save it for another time.



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I'm not sure if there is a full What's On SLC - the original broadcast faded out to a Granada title by the time Ian sang "But she expressed herself in many different ways".

Probably the full version is gathering dust in an ex Granada cameraman's attic..... 

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The 'full' version is a lot longer than what we've seen so far, though it does fade/end early. I'm sure nothing longer exists even as an outtake within Granada's archive.

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See this thread for more on the What's On footage

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