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In a Lonely Place
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Just to confirm,did NO sell joy division posters/merch at early gigs?thanks & cheers upfront.......dmxi

"has amnesia ever helped?"-"yes,when the past became a burden...too much to bare!"

No Love Lost
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Not sure, but there's a reasonable chance that he may have got it from unofficial sellers outside the gig.
I seem to recall, back in the 80s, that you'd often get bootleggers trying to sell posters, t-shirts etc. up the road from the venues.

It could be official though. 

Heart and Soul
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Those posters - along with ones based on the designs of Closer, Unknown Pleasures, Transmission 7", Atmosphere 12", Here are the young men, Ideal for Living 12" etc - were available at record fairs circa 1984 / 1985 for £3 - £6 dependent on physical size. Plenty of people on eBay trying to sell them for daft prices claiming to be originals
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