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New Dawn Fades
Posts: 373
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Rough Trade have this Item listed for a forthcoming release in Early March ;

300 on Blue Vinyl
100 on  CD Single.

"I Think Everythings Falling Apart ".

She’s Lost Control
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Autotuned vocals are so horrible, even blue vinyl can't cover it up. I think I'll pass.

Leaders of Men
Posts: 155
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How the fuck a professional can accept such a gross uses of the auto-tune.
If the guy wanted so bad a piano version of LWTUA he should have worked to adapt to the chords Ian Curtis sang on the original take, not auto-tune it!
(Don't know if I'm clear, but in French & in my mind it's perfectly intelligible xD)

My band (more acoustic post-punk than anything else):

In a Lonely Place
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I was at the Punk Kongress in Kassel in Germany in 2004 - as part of Alternative TV who were invited to play there. There was a daytime seminar where McLaren played the original version mixing Ian's and Tenille's vocals. I believe this was its first public airing - it was definitely before Hooky played it on a radio prog. I remember not liking it too much back then.

Since writing the above I've just revisited it via that 50 second clip. Yep - the use of that autotune is abysmal. Avoid.

"I Still Can't Hear Meself"
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