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Inside the line
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I came across this old post recently relating to original Joy division imaging.

The items offered included a photograph of the the band shot by Gareth Davy. 
That particular image has been re copied and lifted several times claiming to be the original. That simply cant be the case unless, my brother, Gareth Davy, gave away the original negatives, which he didnt do. They were passed over to me in 1978 in order to have print three further images for my use. They were then returned to Gary (Gareth) and he still retains those negatives, As Im told, plus many many more. All black and white and shot on a Canon with Ilford FP4 film.

As I understand it, my brother was asked as a favour by a friend of a friend, at Manchester University, if he would be interested in shooting this band he knew nothing of. Photography at that time was one of his hobbies.

In and around 2000/2001, those three original images I retained back in 1978 were put up for sale on the internet and sold to a massive Joy Division fan/collector. When I looked at the image that was being offered for sale, that was clearly re produced on a poor quality gloss sub standard paper, my prints and any other ones that were printed from Garys (Gareth) negatives were on high quality matt (matte) kodak paper.

I suppose this post is more about offering some advice to you Joy Division fans/collectors to make you aware that there is so much hooky, excuse the pun, stuff professing to be something that its not out there these days, so check the provenance, quality and story behind that item your after.

Finally, what I remember of my brother is that he filed everything, and kept everything. I was told that there were and still are many many rolls of negatives that he shot that day. I no long see or speak to him and Im convinced that he is still unaware to this day that he currently sits on a fortune in unseen negatives and prints


No Love Lost
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I remember your sale of the pictures on Ebay, I tried to contact Gareth on what I thought was his email address enquiring about his recollection of the photo session and about the negatives I had seen on Ebay. I did post a vague enquiry on this forum as well. Thank you for your post and the additional information

I Remember Nothing
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From what I remember of the auction at that link and who the seller was, there was a very good reason to believe that the description was accurate.

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Hang on.

Which photo was by Gareth Davy?
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