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I'm a veteran of the ULU gig. My mate Paul was at the Moonlight (first night) and Birmingham, Julian Haynes was at the YMCA. The list goes on.

Let's compile a list of all the gigs and see if we can match up a different person to each gig and then people must write down EVERYTHING they remember of that night.

We need to do this NOW as the 25th anniversary will be on us in no time at all and things will soon be lost in the mists of time.

Erick the HalfBee
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Malvern. Arrived halfway through Disorder, spent several years thinking that we'd missed Dead Souls before it, as they always seemed to open with that according to the various bootlegs gleaned.

Incredibly loud, louder than anything I'd previously experienced, and most gigs I have been to since (I was only 14 at the time though). Ear-bleedingly loud guitar volume, and the drums pounded like gunshots amplified. It was too loud, if anything it might have been better quieter, would have given you a chance to hear what was being played.

Very unsettling experience as well, you couldn't take your eyes off Curtis (though half the gig featured him on guitar), I can only compare it to being at the front at a Mondays gig in front of Bez, you didn't know where he was looking (though obviously he wasn't looking at anything most of the time !). There's no doubt in my mind that the occasionally rhythmic twitching was his imitation of a fit, as though he was trying to mimic/trigger one. It didn't spped up with faster parts of songs either, at times it seemed unrelated to the passage of music. Hooky had his back to the audience for virtually the whole gig, apart from when using the Shergold.

The encore jam track was a strange affair, all of both bands were on stage, though Curtis's role was restricted to sporadic dancing and occasional vocal input. Barney did some guitar, Steve did all the drums if memory serves me correctly.

Wish I had something to compare it to !
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That is exactly the kind of thing I meant!

I will start storing these recollections now and we will see what we can make of it in time for the 25th anniversary.

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You still have over a year and a half to the 25th anniversary.
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Just wanted to say what a good idea this is. As I never got to seem them I'm always interested to hear first hand accounts. Books are all very well but you are never quite sure how much has been added to spice up the myth.
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the only first hand information of a JD gig I ever had was from a bloke who'd seen them in Antwerp(King-Kong)and still remembered them well ,not for the gig though!
Apparently they got into a footballgame all together;he estimated there were just twenty people there and the sound was poor,.."how was I to know they would become legendary aye?"
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ULU as well...can't remember much apart from (as previously noted) the tremendous volume, sparse lighting and being unable to look at anything much other Ian...also being quite young (16) I wasn't able to see too much as everyone around me seemed to be so much taller (that's one thing that still hasn't changed over 23 years!). I'd never likened Ian's onstage movements to those of Bez, but now it's been mentioned I can see the similarities - I remember the Mondays at the Astoria ('89 I think?) and seeing Bez's wild staring eyes and his trancelike dance continuing long after the rest of the band had left the stage. He seemed to be in his own world and with hindsight maybe colouring a foggy memory, that's how Ian seemed to be. And there was Ian's white Vox teardrop - I'd never seen a guitar that shape before!

I was at college with someone who was at the Rainbow show in April '80 - his memories too basically consisted of Ian's dancing and, of course, his onstage fit and crashing through the drumkit.
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I know this may seem a little lame, and nothing to do with the original request, but i have only one kinda crappy connection with a Joy Division gig.

Joy Division played Bangor, at the Students Union Glanrafon refectory hall at the time, which is not a large building. anyway, about 3 years after they played, the hall moved to another location, and the old students union was turned into a pub, which is now called the Old Glan. I am good friends with the owners of the pub, often going to concerts with them. Anyway, all i know is that they played upstairs, which is now the living quaters of the owners.

I have been known to mention the fact to anyone new i talk to whilst drinking in the pub, that the great Joy Division once played here. The usual reaction i get is "who the fuck are Joy Division?".

Sorry for being so lame in my crap little story, but i'm proud of it. I can hardly have a story of a gig as Ian Curtis died before i was even born.
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It may be a year or so until the 25th anniversary but that time will race by and none of us are getting any younger.

Better looking maybe, but not younger.

So, get your arses in gear!
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Dawn, I can beat your JD/pub connection story for lameness no problem!
Back in 1986 I played bass in a band in Blackpool (we were crap, btw). We used to rehearse in a big old warehouse owned by one Larry Cassidy, of Section 25. Anyway, we used to borrow a lot of equipment off another local band called Switzerland. One day we were messing about and started using an old syndrum they had. I used to play this for the intro to one of our songs then switch to bass. The bloody syndrum was that old and knackered that it kept cutting out, but we liked it and stuck with it.
Anyway, one day Larry saw us using it and, knowing I was a big JD fan, told me the history of the syndrum. It seems that Switzerland had bought it off Larry who, years earlier, had bought it of Steve Morris, and it was actually the very same syndrum used by Steve on 'She's Lost Control' on Something Else!
So one of my proudest achievements is that I've played Joy Division's old syndrum! How sad am I?!

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Dawn and Kilmichael: both your stories were great!

I used to work with a bloke years ago who attended one of the Moonlight gigs!

That's MY connection!

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My girlfriend saw them at Bristol Colston Hall and Bristol Trinity Hall.

My friend Chris met Ian backstage at the Oxford Apollo.

I am in a band with Jowe Head who was in Swell Maps who supported them at Liverpool Eric's - he borrowed Hooky's amp and accidentally blew it up!

I have also met two people who were in the audience at the last ever gig - one of them was Lawrence from Felt/Denim.
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This is all good fun, (for my part, I played the Moonlight and have been a guest of Tony Wilson's on Granada TV) but can we some more fan reviews of the gigs they went to. Prompt people you know who saw them live.
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Well I never saw them as I am a mere 16 years old. But my father saw them twice. When he was stationed in Germany he saw the Koln gig and actually has some nice pictures and relatively good thoughts of it (and the beer, lol.) He also saw them in February of 1980 in Manchester (New Osbourne Club) when he was on leave visiting family members in Leeds. He too remembers the gig and also Ian's onstage antics. If only bands of such emotion and power remained.....well Interpol is coming to Philadelphia Oct 14th......
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You can't just mention photos like that - we need them for the site!

Any chance?

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They are in rather bad shape. They are very similiar to the ones that are most often seen on many websites, so there isnt much difference. There is however a rather rare interesting photo of Ian doing what looks like the "chicken dance" however. Man I get a laugh at of that.
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Maybe you can scan some and then send to Marko
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A tutor on one of my college courses is/was a sub editor for the Guardian. In his younger days he interviewed the band and was invited to a recording session the next day, which turned out to be for LWTUA.
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Is your friend named Alan Hempsall by any chance?
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Leeds Futurama One Festival 8th Sept 1979.
We travelled up to Leeds in a Reliant Robin (3Wheeled Car)!& slept overnight in the pools of Lager on the Hall floor.
There were so many bands i wanted to see on this bill, especially JD & PIL.
But it was Joy Division particularly that stole the show. We were about half way back in the very dark & cavernous Queens Hall, the stage seemed quite small & being very dark inside the hall it highlighted spectacle of the minimal white lights & smoke(?) & with the announcement of "Good evening were Joy Division" (Check your recordings for precise details) the set was under way fittingly with 'I Remember Nothing'...
All the songs were from Unknown Pleasures apart from the last song 'Dead Souls' which at the time i seem to remember thinking..where is this's brilliant...why was it not on the lp!
Needlesstosay the only other band to compare to this intense performance at Leeds were Clock Dva in 'Thirst' line-up mode! who to were brilliant!

Malvern Winter Gardens 5th April 1980

Travelling by old-style box type Cortina 1600 now, we had to dig out the map to see where Malvern was, we all seemed to think it was Swell Maps country or was it The 'What's For Tea Mum? Not Beanz Again 'Shapes. I seem to recall getting lost several times, liking the surrounding scenery near Malvern & finding the Hall, which looked similar (I may be wrong here) to Buxton Town Hall (?) where the Bunnymen had played that Day-out gig, Victorian style building.
Having been searched on entry it was a good job my cunning secret 'Tape' pocket in the back of my jacket worked as my cassette recorder was really huge in 1980!
The set itself again was excellent, but unfortunately I've forgotten all the visual details. I recall for the encore all of Section 25 apart from the drummer(?) proceeded with the 'Girls/Nobody Counts' encore, a mass of guitars...
The ticket for this gig was excellent (See site)

Derby Ajanta Theatre 19th April 1980:
This was the next time we could afford to see the band in our area.
Nobody in Derby seemed to know where the Cinema involved was, or even if the gig was on!
Eventually we found this,what seemed abandoned Cinema, (I would see more gigs there over 1980/81) & entered, it seemed about 3/4 full, watched Section 25 who were excellent here and waited for JD's arrival..
Very excited personally with 'Dead Souls' being played first in the set as know i owned the SS 7" having heard JPT's SS address details on John Peel in January, other details, white guitar, where's Ian gone now, great version of 'Colony', dancing, grabbing used Tickets after the set (See site), going outside & hearing 'Nobody Counts' after what seemed like 20 mins or so..rushing back inside...


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Hey Tim, great stories and I guess we've got you to thank for the tapes as well!
As you were there, maybe you could help solve the debate elswhere on this sight (see the 'SLC 12" mix' thread) about who played keyboards at the end of SLC at Derby. Ian? Barney? Somebody else? I know it was along time ago but can you jog the old memory?
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No, his name was Andy Hobbs if my memory serves me correctly.
Jon Salisbury
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This thread is proving to be an invaluable archive - as I originally hoped it might be.

Marko - can you keep this thread? I will download everything aswell but we must look at publishing this at some stage (my career skills have to count for something!) because we will all want to own these memories and they MUST be preserved.
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Hi Jon

This new messageboard will be here forever

The Joy Division Central team (Erik, Chris, Oyvind and me) moved to this paid messageboard service because we didn't like the fact that the old one deleted posts when we reached a certain limit.

There's no limit ot the number of messages on this board and we want it to build up into a massive searchable archive of information.

It's very useful to us as we can use information that turns up and put it on the main web site.

Of course, we reserve the right to delete any complete dross that turns up

Jon Salisbury
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Very good news!

Thanks Marko.

So, what are the other unofficial releases expected soon that you hint at on the homepage?????
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