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From Safety To Where
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Lee: A great job you've done with Mr Slattery, most enlightening. He seems a very modest sort, but righteously angry certain parties have nicked - and continue to nick - his iconic images. Thanks to both of you for taking the time & trouble, top read.
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In a Lonely Place
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Thanks! Re trouble - it was no trouble at all for either of us really - we see each other regularly in the 12 Bar - a quick chat over a couple of pints in our favourite venue!
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24 Hours
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Excellent job Lee - thoroughly enjoyed that.

Must say i think that Electric Ballroom pic is fantastic (ive never seen it before). There seem to be relatively few decent group pics of JD playing live  ...and that one's a cracker in my opinion.

Could there be an option to get a few more low res less familiar photo's by from Paul - from the Stockport, Mayflower or Electric Ballroom sessions - up on this site (complete with his name on, of course) ?

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In a Lonely Place
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thanks for doin' that....
.....wish I could remember exactly when and how I obtained it, but that's lost in the mists of time it seems. But I do remember I was happy to get it back then.....

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Atrocity Exhibition
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Great jog mate.

Does he sell his pictures?

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