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No Love Lost
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Barney says in his autobiography that Warsaw's manager, Terry Mason, sent out copies of their July '77 demo tape to promoters etc with the theme tune to 'Coronation Street' playing in the background! This was because he was making copies in his front room by presumably putting 2 tape recorders near each other.

Clearly none of these cassettes could have been high enough quality to end up on the 'Warsaw' CD so how did the 5 songs from this session end up in circulation?

Did each member of the band have a "proper" copy and lent one to a friend who decided to try and make some money from it?

In a Lonely Place
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Have a read what it says here - it raises the possibility that the demos were (at the very least) semi-official. Possibly either the band or Rob Gretton may have supplied the tape.

"I Still Can't Hear Meself"

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I was certainly surprised by the great sound quality when I first bought this session on cassette back in 1985. (I bought pretty much every JD studio session, and this one was the sharpest of them all, soundwise. If only we could have had New Order's "Western Works" demo in that quality back then! I never truly realised what a powerful song "Homage" was until it emerged in (almost) studio quality a few years ago. Why on earth did they drop it, and not put it on "Movement"? but I digress).
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