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Photo from the Preston gig:

Well, I'm not sure this is from the ULU gig, judging by the clothes:

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I Remember Nothing
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The Preston photo isn't from Preston as Hooky is over Ian's right shoulder so they must have been playing Sound of Music or (more likely) Atrocity Exhibition - the photo was used in the Preston cd booklet so that's probably why it's been labelled as being from there. I don't think it's ever been identified where the photo was taken...

...I think the ULU one is actually The Factory 11 April 1980.

The Eternal
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Yes that is from the ULU gig (Edit - no its not  ... im losing teh plot ... blame my medication ! lol)  ... there's another one on this site in the gigs section. Real shame more pics from this gig by the same photographer havent surfaced IMO

I dont think ive seen that other pic before  ... or indeed any other pics from Preston .... so it could be? Maybe someone else on here can help confirm


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Day of The Lords
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I think 1st from Plan K (17 Jan 1980) and 2nd from Factory II (7 Feb 1980).

UPD: attached two photos from ULU.

Sorry for my English.
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