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I Remember Nothing
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That seems rather a high price to pay!

Looking at the picture, it's slightly different from mine in that the middle dancing Ian on mine is printed in green rather than black. Does anyone else here still have one of these shirts?

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Crikey wish I had kept mine.

I remember wearing it on a holiday in the early 80s in the Black Forest area of Germany.

An old German guy asked what the T-Shirt meant - I told him it was an English Band.

Occurred to me afterwards that he might have been an old Nazi that remembered the original German meaning of Joy Division !

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From Safety To Where
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One of the very first JD t-shirts to be made, I believe. Bought mine in 1981 and had some serious wear out of it. Unfortunately my wife found it nestling at the bottom of a drawer last year and demanded its immediate destruction; hard fusty yellow armpits do not a happy marriage make, it would seem.
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