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From Safety To Where
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Metrotone. Tiny discography, three 45s, an EP, a flexidisc & a 10" mini-album, then they just disappeared. NME reviewed 'Be Like The Stars' and said it was 'about as interesting as watching Joy Division playing chess with Leonard Cohen', which of course made me adore them immediately. One day I'll get around to uploading some stuff to youtube, there's bugger all by them on there. 'Just So Very Stupid' deserves better than its 500-only run on faulty vinyl...'Staring out of the kitchen window, dreading the rest of my life...' The only mob besides JD who make me neck-hairs bristle.
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At a Later date
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Post-punk band and John Peel favourites UK Decay supported Joy Division at gigs in 1980.

UK Decay are to play at Electrowerkz in Islington, north London on Saturday 16th February 2013, their first concert in London in over 30 years.

Their CD 'For Madmen Only' is pretty good!


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What? No Sisters?
Here Are The Young Men

Exercise One
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I like The Cure and Joy Division equally - both favourite bands.
I like a lot of The Cure's stuff, mostly their more downbeat stuff, so Seventeen Seconds, Faith, Pornography, Disintegration and Bloodflowers are the favourite albums of the ones I have [don't have all of them].

E. J. O.

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At a Later date
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... at the moment John Maus:


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Uk Decay supported JD gigs in 1980? Didnt know...I thought the support bands were Killing Joke, Section 24, A Certain Ratio...anybody has a list of support bands in the 1980 gigs? Did some bands support em also in the european tour?

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Great question mate. For me it would be Bowie. Do have a soft spot for the killers though
P diment

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Walked In Line
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Underworld. Funnily, I do see some similarities between Joy Division and Underworld.
Both often have melancholic lyrics coupled with very dance-worthy music. Both have
a somewhat shamanic trance-dancing frontman who gets utterly lost in the music.
Had Ian Curtis lived, Joy Division would surely have taken the similar path that
New Order took, into more dance-orientated electronic sounds? What do others think?

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Leaders of Men
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It has to, and always will be Joy Division that hold the top spot, it has been that way since the winter of 1982, and will always be of that I have no doubt.

While Joy Division have always been the band that have been literally timeless for my musical appreciation, several bands have come and gone over the years, some I still listen too and others no longer appeal.

So, while a definate 'Second Favourite Band' is hard to define, these are some of the bands/artists that have been of significant interest.

The only current band really capture my imagination are 'Placebo'.  Vibrant, exciting, powerful live, and some very thought provoking lyrics.

'NIRVANA' held my interest for years, long after Cobain's demise, and IMO very few bands can capture their rawness of their live sets.

The first 2 albums by 'Bauhaus' also hold strong to my musical taste (and a few notable later tracks such as 'Lagatija Nick' and 'Sanity Assassin') and another very powerful live act.  They had faded when they split (the first time) but In The Flat Field and Mask are excellent albums.

'Fields Of The Nephilim' are a band I have seen live on many occasions, and even now still retain a power and majesty on stage which blows my mind however, even the die-hard fans would admit the days of the excellent album 'Elizium' have long faded, that said they remain a force in my musical appreciation...... does another band from those heady days in the form of 'The Sisters Of Mercy', well to be precise everything up to the release of 'Wake' that is (the post Hussey line ups have been very weak in comparison) and 'First and Last and Always' is a seriously great album.  I saw them live at the UEA back in the day and heard a track called 'Heartland' for the first time and it blew my mind.

'Eyeless in Gaza', right from the good old Cherry Red record label days, there was and is, something great about this band, 'No Noise' is well worth checking out, trust me.

Finally, I would say 'The Cocteau Twins' were a seriously talented band who simply never received the credit they deserved.  100% original sounding, amazing artwork and 'Head Over Heals' remains a great album still.

Then......there are many below the above shelf from 'The Doors', 'Echo and The Bunnymen', Siouxsie and The Banshees', 'Winter Severity Index', 'Bowie', 'Bjork', 'Massive Attack', 'Dead Can Dance'..........

Just my 2p.


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The Kill
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There's just no doubt, its "The Sound". What still strikes me after all these years from when I first discovered them, its the proffesionalism that can be heard even in earliest recordings. 

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You knock me out so I'm seeing stars,
I'm under you.


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In a Lonely Place
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Remember hearing cocteau twins first time on't peel show , hooked ever since. The only benefit of their lack of 'stardom' is you stil can get decent first pressings for near to nout...which always leaves me with the feeling of  committing a crime when I snatch a copy for a few of the few outstanding bands whom passed near undetected....crazy.
As for second faves, I still follow any jd session with new orders first two peel sessions. Fond memories. 

.....wish I could remember exactly when and how I obtained it, but that's lost in the mists of time it seems. But I do remember I was happy to get it back then.....

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joy division, can, the sound, flux of pink indians, crass, germs, black flag, tuxedomoon, daf, kraftwerk, grauzone, unwound, 13th floor elevators, the kinks, pretty things, kaleidoscope (uk), syd barrett, the seeds, us maple..

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Inside the line
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No particular order..... Sun era Elvis, Sinatra, James Brown, The Orb, Joy Division, Air, Brel, Serge Lama, Banco de Gaia, New Order, Eno, Can, Kraftwerk, Underworld, Under Byen, System 7, Mark Hollis/Talk Talk, Placebo, Cocteau Twins, DCD, Cure, Cash, Kraftwerk, Lana Del Ray, Klaus Schulze, Bowie, Sylvian.... my favorite being... all of them... and Moby
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