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The Kill
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hello there,

just to say that I support this idea. it was long time I had it in mind (even though for another band), but I've always dropped the project due to the high costs for pressing. didn't want to sell, just to press a copy for me and some (max 10) to give to my friends as a present, but the fixed costs are too high, in my view. so I will follow further developments from you.

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The real problem you face is finding a pressing plant that are happy to manufacture a bootleg. Every pressing plant I've ever used has a mandatory form that you need to complete to say that you own all the rights to make the record and that you are registered with all the relevant rights collection agencies

So first up you have to be totally comfortable with being a bare-faced liar if you tick yes, but I'm sure some plants will not check and be happy that the legal issues are all on you if you fraudulently signed the form. Others might outright refuse - given that Joy Division is an obvious name to be bootlegging. The trick is finding the right one

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In a Lonely Place
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I believe that there are recordstores that offer small pressing quantities like:'press your own vinyl for mothers day', kind a thing.that dude from israel, who sells those awful 'rare JD one-sided test promo picture disc' crappy deals for a 100 bucks a pop, uses them.jack white has a small studio in his shop where you can record and press on vinyl in one go.theres a vid.on't tube where you can see the process.
It seems those small shops don't care about legal issues.....til now, atleast.

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