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In a Lonely Place
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The infamous mispress with additional info:

This is an incredible ORIGINAL (not some naff test press of a 90s/2000s+ repro / boot) WHITE LABEL TEST PRESSING of the first disc (unreleased studio recordings side as opposed to the second disc of live recordings) of Joy Division's final LP 'proper' "STILL" from 8 October 1981. FACT40.
As is documented on one or two of the better JD collectors' sites, they initially did a handful of copies of the first disc's side which was "mispressed" with the B side being a blues singer's LP. Although others' have described it as a mispress, my own hunch (as someone who has run labels for years and cut at several bigger studios) is that they sometimes did a final test cut just to check a troublesome track's levels before giving the final thumbs up to go ahead with the pressing- so whether this preceded a "proper" A+B side test pressing of the album or came just after as a final check, it is open to opinion. 
Run out grooves are the correct A side for JD: "FACT 40 A1" AND "THE CHICKEN WON'T STOP"
whilst the B side (with a slightly yellower white label) has "FLY  LP 541 B-1" AND "E.G."
Condition is conservatively graded as VG+ but it's nearer Excellent in truth....
This is an incredibly rare original JD item- yes, it's expensive but try and find another!!
This is from (and massive thanks to) Joy Division Central online:

Sleeve design:  It seems that Peter Saville changed his mind about the cover design part way through the process and that the Shadowplay bootleg LP (TADD 002) is based on the original design for Still. 

Saville changed direction when he started thinking about the word "Still" in terms of "quiet" or "calm", and went for a more subtle and subdued  design. It appears that  the original Hessian sleeve version was supposed to include a booklet with photos etc, but this was dropped by Factory possibly because it was too expensive or because they preferred a more minimalist approach.


click for larger image
What's interesting about this release:

The Kill - 
track 7, comes as a surprise as it isn't the song you think it's going to be. It was inevitable that Joy Division's habit of swapping song titles around would cause confusion sooner or later and this is where it happens. They have two completely different songs both called The Kill - and this is 'the other one'.

Secret track:
LP versions of this album have 24 Hours (live) as an uncredited 6th track on side 3. 
CD versions don't have this track (possibly due to lack of space on the disc?)
We think the earlier cassette releases had it, while the later versions don't. 

Groove notations on the LP version: 
Side 1: "The Chicken Won't Stop"  
Side 2 and 3 have chicken tracks 
Side 4:" The Chicken Stops here"
This is probably a reference to the Werner Herzog movie "Stroszek" from 1977, supposedly the last thing Ian watched on TV before taking his life. One of the last lines in that movie is something along the lines of "There's a dead guy in the cable car and the chicken won't stop dancing". This is shortly after Bruno, the main character in the movie, has shot himself, and there are these animals doing little tricks, like the "dancing chicken". 
Discography for the vinyl releases of Still:

Original version in hessian sleeve
UK original - hessian sleeve

Regular version
Regular UK issue

Reissue with blue text
UK re-press with blue text

of Origin
Distribution & 
Catalogue Number
UKFACT40'Hardback' pressing in hessian folder with white ribbon 
UKFACT40'Softback' edition - originals open towards the centre
UKFACT40Re-pressing - opens towards the edge
UKFACT40Re-pressing - White sleeve with blue text, blue on white labels
UKFACT40White label test pressing (mispressed with blues singer on one side)
UKFACT40White label test pressing 
UKFACT402007 re-pressing. Remastered and on 180gm vinyl. Otherwise identical to the original hardback pressing in hessian folder with white ribbon. 

.....wish I could remember exactly when and how I obtained it, but that's lost in the mists of time it seems. But I do remember I was happy to get it back then.....

24 Hours
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For that price, you can buy my original 1981 white label test pressing of 'Still' that actually plays JD ! [wink]

Inside the line
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Here’s the blues record cat # FLY 541!

Inside the line
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picked this up this week, set me back about 200 usd, figured why not.
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