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At a Later date
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It's interesting to speculate what  effect this Werner Herzog film had on Ian when he watched it.(Spoiler alert)If the fact that the main character commits suicide had any influence on IC .Any thoughts?


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Well yes this is something I have often wondered about. The parallels with the pending American tour are a bit spooky. The central character in the film - Bruno - travels to America from Germany for a better life. With thoughts of the upcoming US tour - this unflattering depiction of America in the film - may not have improved Ian's mood that night.

Also Ian's choice of music - "The Idiot" - is not a particularly jolly album - the last track "Mass Production" is very dark (the album was still revolving with the needle in the run out grooves when they found Ian the next day).    


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New Dawn Fades
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 Werner  Herzogs Masterpiece  `Stroszek` is a Portrait of  Human suffering  facing a man who finds that he simply dosen`t Belong Anywhere and who watches his dreams stripped away until he has nothing to live for,so there are a few trains of thought there that Might have had a bearing on Ian's state of mind at that point in time.Remember also it was one of his favourite films so he must have seen it before somewhere .

The film has some dark Moments,Bruno dealing with his Inner demons,mostly booze and cowardice,.Also another Dark scene is when in a restaurant a fellow Diner says to him,"So thine house is sold,Your Girl has gone,and your car is Kaput".Bruno sits there with a look of Realisation that all He had has gone.
However `Stroszek` has also some hilarious sequences,His Mobile home being towed away,The Garage owner pulling out his teeth with a pair of  Pliers and The Failed attempted Bank raid Leading to the Hairdressers robbery with Mr Scheitz.

How `Stroszek `Influenced Ian,Who knows ?

But for all we know The chicken might still be dancing !!!

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In a Lonely Place
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Before the film was screened he apparently left his wedding ring at his parents' house as far as I recall reading.

"I Still Can't Hear Meself"

The Kill
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Also Ian's choice of music - "The Idiot" - is not a particularly jolly album - the last track "Mass Production" is very dark (the album was still revolving with the needle in the run out grooves when they found Ian the next day).     

The mental state  Ian was in, it may have been the last straw, yes.

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Interesting, I've watched the film, liked it though not as much as Fitzgaraldo, but found it more of a black comedy rather than depressing. Quite a few funny moments. Probably depends on someone's state of mind, many things might have pushed Ian over the edge at that moment that other people wouldn't have foud depressing at all.

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Love Will Tear Us Apart
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Got terrified when I watched it for the first time in 1993. Just a few months before Republic by New Order release.
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I found this film to be a cruel bit of exploitation. It seemed to me Herzog made this film as a very personal-to-him secret guilty pleasure. It's quite sadistic in nature. For someone in a morbid state of mind I can see where it could have a perverse appeal. The humor is very dark and twisted.

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"The humor is very dark and twisted. "

Just like the printings on the run-out-grooves off the vinyl-versions of STILL (don't know if the re-issue contains the run-out-grooves).

There are printings of chicken-footprints on Side 1, 2, 3 and 4 (if I remember correctly, I'm not at home, so I can't check it) On side 1 "the chicken won't stop" is added, on side 4 "the chicken stops here"...

Dark and twisted.

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In a Lonely Place
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It's on Film4 next week in case anyone's interested.
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