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Inside the line
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just hazy shady memories im afraid...

18 and shy - dropped off outside by dad very very early freezin cold - tony wilson lettin me in for free and watching jd soundcheck in a halflit newcastle brown haze of fear n excitement - relax sister its a real cool club - acr ? never got them anyway - dj plays drones be my baby (white label valer of course) matumbi empire road omd electricity and we gotta give thanks for a multi racial community - john dowie boring me and someone throwing a pint over him - more drinks - jd intense sharp dark real - the long lonely walk back through bleak concrete to the safeish haven of chester road and the all nite 263 bus home - falling asleep n missing my stop at dane road - waking up in broadheath and walking back to sale buzzing and more alive than i have ever felt in my life.....

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great flashback of a great event
do you remember how the audience looked like? punks? skins? just normal kids in for the fun? a violent or a relaxed atmosphere?
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