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Inside the line
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Hi all,

I recently purchased an Unknown Pleasures T-Shirt from Ebay, as a larger person, I struggle to find t-shirts that fit me, my bad I I was really happy when I found this:

Sizes up to 5XL

It arrived really promptly, but it turns out the image is a purple / pink colour. I have emailed the seller and fair enough they offered to refund if I returned it, but that's just extra hassle...

Just wanted to warn anyone here likely to bid, no problem with the size / quality but really, Pink?
Guess I'll have to let the Wife have if for Nightwear, hey it's not like she can jinx the band!!

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In a Lonely Place
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maybe you'll find one here:

"has amnesia ever helped?"-"yes,when the past became a burden...too much to bare!"

Inside the line
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Thanks dmxi,

Favourite T-Shirt I ever owned was this one, if I still had it, it certainly wouldn't fit me any more....


I Remember Nothing
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I've still got one of those...'s a 'snugger' fit than it used to be (must have shrunk in the wash!)
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