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24 Hours
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Looking to understand the current value of the original 1981 JD bootleg LP 'Le Terme' ?

Would be happy for it to go to a JD fan on here - as I rarely get the chance to play my vinyl these days.

This comes complete with the numbered A4 insert (# 0983 of 1400), and has the title, artist and catalogue number on the spine and the matrix numbers stamped by machine (which the later re-issues dont have)

The cover is in excellent condition bar a light thumb print sized grubby light grey mark on the front, and a few similar marks on the rear.

The vinyl looks unplayed and the labels are spotless. The insert is also spotless

Cheers - Pat



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Not too much. is useful for price reference. A clean copy of Le Terme sold for a mere 21€ a few years back.

The thing is that the contents are not rare anymore these days. Stuff for completists who want everything with the name JD on it.
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